Archive Doctor

  Recordings Integrity Check

  Recordings Database Repair Utility

  Supports Internal & External Archive Databases

  Disaster Recovery

Total Recall VR  Archive Doctor

Total Recall VR Archive Doctor is a utility application designed to check the integrity and repair Total Recall VR archives. It supports all types of Total Recall VR archives: disc, network share and USB. In addition, it supports the new Public Folder archives.

Archive Doctor Repair Utility

Archive Doctor offers:
    • Integrity check of data stored in archive databases

    • Integrity check of recordings stored in archives in the trc proprietary file format.

    • Rebuild of any type of archive to any type of archive.

    Total Recall VR Archive Doctor is a Java/Windows based application designed to run on a PC with a Windows 7, or 8, operating system. To run the application you need to have a 32bit Java SE Runtime Environment.

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