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Total Recall VR  Audio Player PC Client Software

Audio player analysis of voice recordings by timeline.

Total Recall VR Audio Player is a powerful audio player application designed to support play of, and conversion between, all Total Recall VR audio file and encoding formats.

Typical Applications: General Purpose, Business and Financial, Control Rooms, Emergency Services, Call Centres, and many more ....

Total Recall Auio Player

Event Player offers:
    • Player for all Total Recall VR file and audio formats.

    • File and audio converter that supports all Total Recall VR file and audio formats.

    • Export to standard audio file formats (wav, mp3, aifc, au and spx) that are compatible with popular audio player applications such as Windows Media Player.

    • Integrated e-mail client for fast sharing of event audio in any supported file and audio format.

    • Integrity check for recordings (segments) that are part of the event.

    • Visual waveform of event segments.

    • Recording metadata display for recordings stored in trc files.

    Total Recall VR Event Player is a Java/Windows based application designed to run on a PC with a Windows 7, or 8, operating system. To run the application you need to have a 32bit Jave SE Runtime Environment. If you wish to play recordings in the AMBE format, then you need to purchase an AMBE decoder license. Please contact us for a download.

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