Total Recall VR Evolution

  SIP VoIP IP Recording Server


  Complete Solution - Internal RAID Disk Storage

  Network NAS or Cloud Storage

  PC Client Software or Web Browser Access

Total Recall VR LinX Evolution

Professional IP call recorder with no compromise on features. Why Pay More?

Total Recall VR LinX Evolution is an "Economical" Hybrid ISDN PRI and VoIP Call Recording Server with no compromise on features. Combining the latest hardware technology with proven Total Recall VR call recording software and the power of stable reliable CentOS Linux platform that utilises RAID storage technology, it is highly reliable and tolerant to storage faults.

Essence is a powerful call recorder with built in hard disk storage that is easy to install and is feature rich user with a user friendly PC graphical software interface for search, replay, archive and email of call recordings.

For companies who need IP call recording at an affordable price from 1 to 120 channels / VoIP telephones or RoIP digital radio or AoIP audio. You can link multiples of Evolution's to form world wide enterprise multi site recording. e.g. HQ and satellite locations.

Main Features

  • Desk or rack shelf housing with built in hard drive and DVD / USB archive drives

  • Optional standalone operation 10.1" colour LCD display and custom keypad

  • Intel and Linux based platform for optimal reliability and performance

  • Records VoIP Telephones SIP trunks, DMR Radios: Tait, Zetron, Hytera

  • Records AoIP, ISDN PRI

  • Hybrid mode record both IP and ISDN connections

  • PCI DSS Compliant for credit card masking during a call

  • Tamper proof audio media and file format

  • Captures CLI callers and dialed numbers

  • Full time, scheduled, voice activated, record on demand

  • Multi-level user access control

  • Non-intrusive, live and real-time monitoring of recordings in progress

  • Playback of completed recordings while recording in progress

  • Start, stop, pause, fast-forward and fast-reverse player controls

  • Comprehensive search options including time, date, call numbers, extension, agent name, key words in notes and much more

  • On-board audio storage and archive for up to 380,000 hours of audio

  • Utilises RAID storage technology, it is highly reliable and tolerant to storage faults

  • On-demand and automatic archiving at predefined intervals to CD, DVD, USB or Blu-Ray media

  • SNMP alarm integration

  • Station Messaging Detail Record (SMDR) integration for many popular PBX systems

  • Web browser configuration Manager

  • Unlimited installations for the Total Recall VR Remote Manager PC client application which provides for system configuration, recording control, live monitoring, searching, playing, annotating, archiving and much more

  • Unlimited installations for PC client applications including Total Recall VR Record-on-Demand and Total Recall VR Supervisor Client


  • AMBE decoder license.

  • MEGA ARCHIVER. Near live streaming of recordings to remote network PC's and storage devices

  • 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC power supply.

  • For standalone operation: Custom 10.1 colour LCD and interactive custom keypad control panel

    Essence Standalone SIP Call Recorder
This model is capable of recording:
  • SIP trunks vai SPAN port.
  • SIP sessions (calls) via SPAN port.
  • H.323 calls via SPAN port.
  • Unicast RTP streams via SPAN port.
  • Multicast RTP streams via SPAN port.
  • Unicast RTP streams via UDP port.
  • DMR recording via Tait VRP ( Zetron and Hytera in development by Q1 2015 )
  • ISDN (Q.931) calls on ISDN PRI links via high impedance (Hi-Z) link tap.
The maximum recording channel capacity of this model is:
  • 120 VoIP recording channels or.

  • 60 ISDN recording channels; or

  • 120 VoIP and ISDN recording channels in any combination.

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