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Total Recall Logger Patch

Recording from a telephone curley lead of digital and VoIP phones.

The Total Recall VR Logger Patch enables recording from digital telephone handsets where there is no-side tone or the level of the microphone is too low to trigger recording.

The Logger Patch is simply connected to the telephone handset curly cord and then wired to an anlogue port on a Total Recall VR voice logging recorder and for voice recorders with standard 2 wire analogue inputs.

The logger patch has 2 adjustable pots for balancing the earpiece and microphone circuits to provide balanced inputs to the voice recorder, this eliminates the faint distant and loud local caller problems.

Some phone handsets have different microphone and earpiece outputs to the RJ11 (4P4C) plug. Normally the center two wires on the handset jack are the earpiece circuit and the outer two wires are the microphone. If your telephone does not use standard connections, there is a splitter included in the pack to reverse the input connections to the Logger Patch.

The Logger Patch requires a 12VDC power pack to power the amplifier which will give up to 30dB gain on the microphone and 10dB gain on the earpiece. This power pack is not supplied with the unit as standard, but please enquire if you would like us to supply them.

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