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High Quality Radio Communications Recording

VR Radio Mixer is designed to mix the output from the transmit (Tx) and the receive (Rx) of a 2-way radio base station and produce a two-wire analogue output that is suitable for the Total Recall VR audio loggers and voice recorders with standard 2 wire analogue inputs.

How these connections are achieved will depend on the brand of base station. Some brands and models can be programmed to give both of these outputs from an auxiliary plug on the rear of the base station. The outputs for the base station can be either balanced or unbalanced.

Both the Tx and the Rx inputs have gain control so they can equalize the input levels.

The Rx input should be a two-wire output from the speaker. It is preferable if this output is connected before the volume control of the base station. If it is not and the volume control is turned down, then the Rx will not be recorded.

The Tx input should be a two-wire output from the Tx. This can be a parallel tap from the microphone.

The VR Radio Mixer requires a standard 12VDC power pack to power the mixer. This power pack is not supplied with the unit as standard, but please enquire if you would like us to supply them.

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