Total Recall VR Browser

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Total Recall VR  Browser App

Powerful Browser App Single or Multi User Licences

Total Recall VR Browser is a powerful browser application that provides for search and replay of recordings and meta data offeriing feature rich playback tools as well as addition of text notes and emailing of recordings in stanadard .WAV format.

Total Recall Web Browser App

Total Recall VR Browser offers:
  • User configurable and very flexible role based access control for all application features and recordings.

  • Two working modes: workstation (for use by a single or multiple users on a single PC) and workgroup (for use by multiple users on multiple PCs).

  • Browsing of recordings in Total Recall VR archives that are stored on discs, USB devices and network drives.

  • Browsing of recordings that are stored in Total Recall VR mega archives.

  • Browsing of recordings that are stored on Total Recall VR systems.

  • Creation and management of Public Folder archives with unlimited number of records and role base shared access from multiple PCs by multiple users.
  • Automatic detection (plug and play) of archives on discs, USB devices and network drives.

  • Recording management: delete, annotate, tag, lock, etc.

  • Ability to ‘lock’ recordings to prevent deletion.

  • Advanced natural language search query builder that provides for saving of queries to files, recall of queries from files and sharing of queries via e-mail.

  • Flexible (selected, found, all, etc.) batch export of recording metadata to CSV format for use in reporting tools.

  • Flexible (selected, found, all, etc.) batch export of recordings to standard audio file formats (wav, mp3, aifc, au and spx) that are compatible with popular audio player applications such as Windows Media Player.

  • Integrated e-mail client for fast sharing of recordings in any supported file and audio format and search queries.

  • Integrated audio player with built-in visual waveform and integrity check for recordings that are stored in the TRC file format.

  • Integrated Total Recall VR Event Player event creator and player with built-in visual waveform.

Total Recall VR Browser is a Java/Windows based application designed to run on a PC with a Windows 7, or 8, operating system. To run the application you need to have a 32bit Jave SE Runtime Environment. If you wish to play recordings in the AMBE format, then you need to purchase an AMBE decoder license.

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